Windows 95: 25 years ago Microsoft introduced its operating system for personal computers

25 years ago, Windows 95 was released, an operating system that marked a before and after in the personal computer market for the company co-founded by Bill Gates Source: Reuters

Microsoftis celebrating because this Monday, August 24 are fulfilled 25 years the launch of one of the most anticipated operating systems, Windows 95, the version that introduced the taskbar and the Start Menu in the personal computers.

This version of the operating system introduced several important changes, including the graphical user interface, and went on to use a 32-bit multitasking architecture.

The history of Windows since its first version

Likewise, Windows 95 was the first version to introduce the taskbar and start menu that are still present in current versions of the operating system of Microsoft.

With Windows 95, Microsoft also included support for the function for the first time. “plug and play”, with which the hardware and peripherals were connected.

Windows 95 was the operating system that introduced the start menu and the taskbar, two features that still endure 25 years after its release

This novel operating system began to be sold in 1995 on both CD and floppy disks. The floppy disk version contained 13 discs in a DMF format, while the CD version offered games, demo versions of some Microsoft programs, as well as accessories and multimedia add-ons.

In addition, the success of this operating system was produced, among other things, by its strong marketing campaign. In fact, Microsoft launched a commercial with the song “Start me up”, of the Rolling Stones, referring to start button (Start, in English).



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