Windows Defender completely revamped for Windows, macOS, Android & iOS

New Windows Defender 11 macOS Android iOS

A new Windows Defender is on the way. Not only for Windows 11, but also for macOS, Android and iOS. The version will be free.

Today, many people with Windows machines still use third-party antivirus packages. For home users we can say with hand on heart that this is actually no longer necessary. Windows Defender scores just as high as its paying competitors. That’s because Microsoft has paid a lot of attention to its built-in antivirus package in recent years. That makes Windows a lot more secure than it used to be.

Windows Defender now also gets a new layout, Microsoft has rebuilt the application from scratch. The project is named Project Gibraltar and will be rolled out to Windows 11, macOS, Android and iOS. There is already a version of Defender available today for non-Windows devices, but it is limited to business versions.

New Windows Defender

The new Windows Defender is built in such a way that it should become a security dashboard for your device. You will immediately be able to view the most important data at a glance. Unfortunately, there are very few details about the new version today, but due to a leak in the Microsoft Store we can take a look at some things.

For example, you will be able to add family members in your Defender dashboard to personalize everything. You can even invite your family members, even if they use a MacBook, for example. So you can easily manage all your devices from one dashboard.

Price and availability

The new security dashboard will be free. An availability date has not yet been announced, but the new version will probably be released before the summer.

Windows DefenderWindows Defender

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