Wingles: a bottle of acid launched on two journalists


The extremely serious facts took place on the sidelines of a demonstration by high school students who oppose the graduation baccalaureate reform. Two journalists covering the Wingles movement, north of Lens, were targeted by a group of individuals. The two young women were victims of a spray with an acidic bottle.

"While our journalist asked them to show some respect by moving cautiously, one of the agitators threw in their direction a bottle containing acid, which fortunately managed to avoid before exploding within a few centimeters of them.", Relationships The voice of the north. And to add: "If the two journalists are more afraid than evil, we can unfortunately only notice a serious degradation of our relationship with, fortunately, that it is only a small part of the demonstrators. It is obviously intolerable"Also sad relationship to The future of Artois where the second journalist who is the victim of aggression works.

"We can denigrate the press, make reproaches that it deserves sometimes. However, the only countries where the press is not free to do their job are dictatorships"concludes The voice of the north.

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"A jet of acid bottle on me, which slips away running away. Scratches on hands and on the phone screen have exploded. Pacific we said", He said, bitter, the journalist of The voice of the north in a message posted on social networks. And to continue: "This is the deed of a minority of demonstrators. We do not disappoint and continue to do our work in the passion of information every day".

The young woman filed a complaint.

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