News Winners of the July lottery lottery must apply to...

Winners of the July lottery lottery must apply to the SRS by September 8 BNN

On Sunday, August 9, on TV3 SuperBingo The winners of the Czech Lottery Cash Prize and additional prizes for the month of July were traditionally announced. Of the 1,152,959 checks, receipts and tickets registered for the July lottery of the Check Lottery, 54 cash prizes have been drawn, as well as five additional prizes, the SRS informs.

The SRS reminds that lottery participants who have won one of the July cash prizes or additional prizes of the participants of the Advanced Cooperation Program must apply to the SRS Electronic Declaration System (EDS) within 30 days from the date of publication of lottery results, ie by 8 June 2020. September (inclusive). In turn, those who received a text message that their registered check is already being sent to the annual lottery, the winning document must be sent to the SRS electronically within 14 days or by August 23 of this year (inclusive).

The check lottery continues and is open to anyone by registering on the website check, receipt and ticket worth at least 5 euros. The document certifying the transaction must be issued for a good or service received from a taxpayer registered in Latvia.

Checks, receipts and tickets received in August can be registered until September 5 of this year. The results of the August check lottery are expected to be announced on the second Sunday of September, September 13.

Every month, 54 cash prizes are drawn as part of the check lottery, of which one cash prize is worth 10,000 euros, three cash prizes are worth 5,000 euros and 50 cash prizes are worth 100 euros. Not only cash prizes are drawn every month, but also various valuable prizes provided by the participants of the Advanced Cooperation Program. In turn, the participants of the 2020 lottery will apply for full prizes at the beginning of next year – four 10,000 euro prizes, five 2,000 euro cash prizes and a big prize worth 20,000 euros.

More information is available on the website In case of questions or uncertainties, you can call the phone number 67120011 or write to the e-mail address: [email protected]

The purpose of the check lottery is to promote fair competition and voluntary fulfillment of tax obligations by encouraging buyers to request checks and receipts for purchased goods and received services, thus promoting cultural change in society, explains the SRS. The check lottery is taking place in Latvia for the first time, but it is a widespread practice elsewhere in the world, which has given positive results both in terms of changing public behavior and revenues to the state budget. The check lottery is organized by the SRS.


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