Winners without a win: who took the winnings of the donated Teleloto tickets?

The story began in the heat of preparation for the festivities themselves.
Just before the holidays, a man from Plungė in Klaipėda bought 20 lottery tickets for relatives of Teleloto at the Maxima self-service box office of the Molas shopping center.

Instead of winning – a detective

The purchased tickets were distributed to the householders at the Christmas table in Plungė. On the second day of Christmas, it turned out that three out of twenty tickets were happy. The amounts were small – 2 euros each.

When the festive mood subsided, one of the winners – the mother of a man who bought tickets in Plungė – went to the store. At the same time, he was going to take the win.

Irmanto Gelūno / 15min nuotr./„Olifėja”

However, she heard the unpleasant news from the salesperson that the winnings had already been taken. It is explained that the ticket received as a gift is only a copy of the original. The number on it is shown to be different, some numbers are marked with asterisks.

The story proved suspicious to family members.

“It simply came to our notice then. However, it became interesting: how can this be? ”Asked Ieva, the daughter of Plungė.

The woman wrote a letter to the lottery organizers and learned that her mother’s four euros had been withdrawn in Klaipeda on the morning of December 29 in the same shopping center where they were bought.

Another lucky ticket is left in Eve’s hands. She has not yet gone to withdraw the EUR 2 she has won. He suspects he will hear the same thing his mom did.

Original tickets – to the trash

As he began to wonder who might have won his mother’s winnings, the man who bought the tickets remembered the entire shopping story.

He bought all the tickets at the Maxima self-service box office in Klaipeda. However, the printer ran out of paper during the process. Tickets came out ugly, with bands. The cashier approached the buyer. She replaced the terminal paper with a new one. Printed new, beautiful, bright tickets. She gave these 15 tickets to the buyer. And the others, as far as the man remembers, threw those ugly ones in the trash.

Readers' photo / On the ticket was indicated as a copy.  The buyer did not notice this detail.  The salesman had to give him the original ticket as well, but he didn’t.

Readers’ photo / On the ticket was indicated as a copy. The buyer did not notice this detail. The salesman had to give him the original ticket as well, but he didn’t.

The man did not even notice that the tickets were in his hands – copies. Bought tickets and presented to family members during Christmas.

Only later did they see that there was a sentence on the tickets under the number – “Attention! This is a copy of the ticket statement, which was printed due to problems printing the ticket statement. “

Now the winners, without winning, guess who could have taken the win. Consider that both the cashier, who knew the original had not been delivered, and the cleaner, who emptied the bins and saw unverified tickets, could have done so. He is considering that a buyer who has seen the whole history from the country could have appropriated it.

History – the first in Lithuania

15min applied to the lottery company for this situation.
Renata Mozūraitė, the marketing director of Perlas Network, a representative of this company, said that this was the first time in the year that a Teleloto game had been organized.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is possible that a misunderstanding has occurred, because in some places the opportunity to buy lottery tickets at the self-service checkouts appeared only in October, in others it is only being implemented, ”the interlocutor said.

This case is the first and unique in Lithuania

According to her, it happens that at the end of the roll of paper, some of the tickets are printed ugly, fuzzy.

According to all the rules, the cashier must change the paper of the machine. Tickets are then printed again, with only copies of those previously issued. It is stated that both the original tickets and the copies must reach the buyer.

According to R.Mozūraitė, such cases are very rare. There is also a warning on the ticket copy.

“What happened in Klaipeda is more of a cashier’s job. Either she is a newcomer and did not know the rules, or it is a gross violation, “said a spokeswoman for the lottery company.

Photo by Irmantas Gelūnas / 15min lottery tickets

Photo by Irmantas Gelūnas / 15min lottery tickets

Determining who could have appropriated the win after so much time is difficult.

No personal data will be requested for small withdrawals of up to € 150. Bigger achievements are already issued upon receipt of personal data in the representations.

“This case is the first and unique. “We have made the decision to take the won euros to people’s homes,” she said.

According to a company spokeswoman, this story will not be left that way. It is planned to look at the store’s cameras and take a closer look at what happened at the terminal.

15min when it came to communicating with the lottery organizers, it became clear that this was not the only case after all. These days, the organizers of the lottery received a report on a similar case in Raseiniai.

History developed similarly there. People didn’t get the 4 euros they won. The organizers of the lottery also intended to present the prize to these winners in person.

Ieva has already received the lottery organizers – they apologized for the misunderstanding and handed over the won 6 euros.

If you suspect a crime, contact the police

Andromeda Grauslienė, a representative of the Klaipėda County Chief Police Commissariat, stated that it was worth notifying the police officers if the theft was suspected.

There are more and more cases when thieves steal lottery tickets at the box office.

Photo by Josvydas Elinskas / 15min / Lottery tickets

Photo by Josvydas Elinskas / 15min / Lottery tickets

A year ago in Klaipėda, the long-fingered one of the kiosk salesman took off the whole bundle of tickets, when the alleged buyer held out his hand with the tickets to choose the “lamingo”. Grabbing them all, he left. The loss then amounted to € 15.

Larger losses were recorded in Kretingale, where 52 tickets were stolen from a grocery store in the spring of 2020. The damage is estimated at 520 euros.


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