Winona Ryder calls Mel Gibson accountable for everything that happened during a Hollywood party

It seems that mistakes of the past have returned to life of Gibson and this time I want to leave no escape

Mel Gibson.

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These past few weeks has once again come out to the light the clash that Winona Ryder it would have starred with Mel Gibson in 1996, when both were at a party in the Hollywood circuit.

According to the actress, who spoke for the first time of this alleged incident a decade ago, the famous interpreter made several homophobic comments and anti-semitic in his presence. The first were dedicated to the companion of Winona, who was gay, and shortly after Mel turned to her to ask, without coming to story, if he was jewish, using an expression incredibly offensive and, in the opinion of the mentioned, unforgivable.

The protagonist of ‘Stranger things’ returned to share his story in an interview with the Sunday The Sunday Times published last weekend. However, the representative for Mel Gibson has denied in his name that ever went to Winona in terms little respectful, insisting that she lied when first performed these same accusations against the actor and that also did so when assured that he had tried to apologize in private.

Yes that was in contact with her many, many years ago, but to ask for explanations for having defamed her, and she refused to answer him“ said a spokesman for Mel Gibson.

Winona is not prepared to allow that the story ends there, and has in turn countered with a statement in which he refuses to allow his fellow professional, to elude the responsibility to apologize for their actions.

I believe in redemption and forgiveness, and I hope that mr. Gibson has found a healthy way to deal with their demons, but I’m not one of them“ said the artist, before going on to reaffirm his initial version of events to confess that it is a memory too painful and still fresh in your memory.

We can only redeem us and begin to respect others if we take responsibility for our behavior, and I just wish him all the best in this life“ said she.


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