Winter port: questions arose about the interests of the architect

Klaipeda-based architect offered the port stevedoring company KLASCO to buy a building belonging to him near the company’s territory. However, after the porters refused, the man is trying to develop another idea and is now seeking to have the historic Winter Port, home to a company that rejected his business offer, handed over to the townspeople.

There will be no answers

While the Klaipėda daily was preparing an article about the prospects of the territories related to the seaport, last week questions about the Winter Port were sent to the well-known city architect Romas Gailis.

His opinion was asked about the necessity to cancel the Winter Port, the termination of the contract with the possible consequences of KLASCO operating here, and what the vision of the architect’s own vision of the future of this area is.

However, without receiving the answers, it turned out that there would be none, because R. Gailius for some reason does not want to answer the questions.

So he himself told a journalist yesterday.

I, as a neighbor, communicated my plans to my neighbors.

The building is not needed by the company

When asked if it was true that he had offered KLASCO to buy a building belonging to him near the company’s premises, the architect initially denied this, then admitted that such a conversation was nonetheless.

“They are my neighbors, the visions of the architects are done. From me, as a neighbor, I informed my neighbors about my plans. They were very curious, they liked it. They told me they wanted to think, “Gailius told the daily yesterday.

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KLASCO CEO Vytautas Štumbergas did not hide the fact that even when Audrius Pauža was the head of the company, R. Gailius did make a proposal for that building and even gave a presentation.

However, the porters did not seem to be interested in the architect’s ideas.

“We do not need this building in principle. But when Mr. Gailius started showing initiatives on the Winter Port, I asked my colleagues to find me that presentation and I could see again what he had suggested there. However, that building is really not necessary for our company, “V. Štumbergas emphasized.

Another idea

Today, the Maritime Culture Coordinating Council will consider the issue of the transfer of the Winter Port – the historical part of the Vite quarter for the needs of the citizens.

This issue was also raised by architect R. Gailius. If the Winter Port were to be removed from the port area and handed over to the townspeople, it is likely that this would raise the price of the surrounding real estate. Including R.Gailius building. The architect’s proposal was supported by several public organizations.

“The winter port could become a unique place for gatherings and mass events, a marina for small and sailing fleets, which will adorn the city center and give the city a unique maritime identity,” the statement said.

Currently, the Winter Port is the territory of the state, which is leased to KLASCO. Theoretically, if the lease agreement with the company were terminated and the Winter Port territory would probably be transferred to Klaipeda municipality.

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