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The current edition of the popular TVP show has brought three successful relationships. The viewers are surprised to see the pace at which some relationships develop. Are we going to have another engagement?

Krzysztof, a 55-year-old participant “The farmer is looking for a wife” Bogusi proposed after just four days of acquaintance. Everything indicates that Kamil, a farmer who is only 23 years old, also thinks that there is nothing to wait for. He has already confessed his love to his chosen one, Asia. Viewers say that he even went a step further and … proposed. Where did these discussions come from? It is a short preview of the future episode.

In the next episode we are to watch romantic weekend trips for couples. In the short clip that announces these meetings, we see Kamil and Asia dressed in a balloon rising above the ground. Can you imagine a more romantic meeting? Viewers are delighted.

In the comments on the Internet, they write that the festive outfit of a young farmer (he has a suit and bow tie!) Heralds a solemn moment. They guess it’s about an engagement. And although nothing is known yet, good luck and congratulations are already pouring out.


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