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Laura Breszka decided to publish the private memories that were left of her sister who died a year ago. The actress supplemented them with family photos. Fasting is really touching.

Laura Breszka is a television, theater and dubbing actress. Viewers may know her from such productions as “Julia”, “Na Wspólnej” or “Singielka” and the program “Saturday Night Live Polska” broadcast in 2017-2018. However, few know that the actress suffered a family tragedy. A year ago her sister, Olivia, passed away.

Laura Breszka experienced a family tragedy

“A year ago my sister, Olivka, left us. She loved sunflower seeds and swam excellently. She left a two-year-old son. She was 36” – the actress began her Instagram memoir and admitted that her sister’s departure was a blow for her.

“I still don’t understand it. She will never really be there, she will never feel. For me, she will always remain alive, laughing, the most kumaty girl in the world” – she wrote and assured that her deceased sister’s son was well cared for. “We love you very, very, very much and we look after your Daniel.”


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