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Kasia Kowalska had difficult times in the spring of last year. Her daughter got a dangerous virus. The girl fought for her life in a London hospital, and all of Poland talked about her illness. The situation was very serious. Now Ola is celebrating another birthday, and her mother posted a photo on Instagram. See how she has changed.

Kasia Kowalska, on the occasion of her daughter Ola’s birthday, published a photo with her on her Instagram profile. #happybirthday #loveyou #ola – signed by the singer. The fans have not seen this photo before.

The last several months have been extremely difficult for Kasia Kowalska and her daughter. A year ago, the girl fought for her life, and a few months after leaving the hospital, Ola struggled with the effects of the disease. After her hair had thinned, she decided to shorten it considerably. Now, looking at the new photos of Kasia Kowalska’s daughter, it can be concluded that there is no trace of the virus.

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