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Sex workers associated with “Sex Work Polska” emphasize that they care about the complete decriminalization of the profession and the recognition of their agency and subjectivity. Doda recently commented on the topic, believing that all attempts to promote sex bag are non-feminist. Now an activist, Jan Śpiewak, is commenting on the matter.

Recently, the topic of sex work has aroused a lot of emotions in public space. More and more often, the sex workers themselves take the floor, demanding that they not be called “prostitutes” and that they should not be discriminated against as workers. However, not everyone believes that “sex work” is normal work. The feminist milieu itself is divided on the subject.

Doda hits the sex workers

The singer recently gave an interview in which she criticized all people associated with promoting “sex bag”.

– It scares me and I am shocked, like some feminists – who are de facto not feminists, because promoting prostitution under the slogans of feminism is one big bullshit – they talk about prostitution as normal work. A wise feminist knows that every woman has much more to offer. It is not an item and, above all, is not for sale to men. Such “work” is not something to be proud of, anyway – sexworking is not a job. It is depriving oneself of the possibility to decide about oneself and depriving oneself of chances for development – she stated in an interview for woman.pl.


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