News With 965 new coronavirus infections, the City exceeded 60,000...

With 965 new coronavirus infections, the City exceeded 60,000 cases | Chronicle

A total of 11 dead and 965 new cases of coronavirus were notified on Saturday in the City of Buenos Aires, which raised 1,296 total deaths and 60,817 infected since the beginning of the pandemic last March, reported the Ministry of Health porteño.

The case fatality rate -percentage of deaths on positive diagnoses- of the district is 2.13%.

The report of the Buenos Aires Government indicated that 312 patients were discharged on Saturday, thus adding 21,620 people recovered.

It reported that it detected 855 new cases of non-residents in the City with Covid-19, bringing the accumulated total to 28,526, while 6 non-residents died (324 accumulated) and 87 were discharged (3,878 accumulated).

Regarding beds in the public health system, 59.1% of the intensive care positions are occupied (266 out of a total of 450), while in moderate cases the occupation is 48.5% (728 out of 1,500 available) and in mild cases 56.7% (2,835 out of 5,000).

Since the pandemic began, they have been
a total of 236,831 swabs, with a
positivity index (confirmed cases on tests carried out) accumulated of 40%, of which 155,948 were made to residents of the City with a positivity rate of 41.4%.

Out of a total of 2,318 swabs notified on Saturday to residents of the City, the positivity was 41.6%, while 5.6 tests were performed every thousand inhabitants in the last seven days.

In the popular neighborhoods, 65 new cases of coronavirus were reported, 68 people were discharged and no deaths were recorded.

The total
accumulated death toll in these conglomerates is 146 while the number of people infected since March is 13,341 and the case fatality rate remained at 1.1%.

With the active search of
Detect plan, carried out jointly by City and Nation, 1,927 cases have been registered so far in
Padre Mugica neighborhood (ex
villa 31); 2,679 in the
Padre Ricciardelli neighborhood (ex
villa 1-11-14); 2,906 in the
neighborhood 21-24 (
Tents); 1,932 in
neighborhood 20 and 1,687 in the
neighborhood 15 (Both of
Villa Lugano), 737 in the
Carrillo neighborhood and 170 in the
Rodrigo Bueno neighborhood.

Also, 728 cases were confirmed in
Balvanera and 311 in
Flores; Meanwhile in
Mouth there were 279 positives; in
Constitution, 233; in
Tents, 298; in
Almagro, 294; in
Palermo, 227 in
Villa Soldati, 225; in
Pompeii, 117; in
Paternal, 156; in
Chacarita, 204; in
Chacabuco Park, 82; in
Boedo, twenty-one; in
San Cristobal, 112; in
Slaughterhouses, 116; in
Recoleta, 46; in
San Telmo, 132; in
Rocking horse, 147; in
Lugano, 150; in
Avellaneda Park, 56;
Villa Ortúzar, 18 and
Belgrano, 16 cases.

As for the
geriatric, 437 new serological tests were reported (33,136 accumulated) with 24 positives (1,089 accumulated), while there were 17 cases (690 accumulated) with the ongoing disease detected by means of the PCR test, which is the one carried out to see if the person is studying

In the
health centers, the Buenos Aires Government reported 1,177 serological tests performed on health personnel, with a cumulative total of 148,151. Of that amount, 36 (3,696 cumulative) tested positive, while 30 (1,208 cumulative) workers were notified positive to the PCR.

Between the
security and traffic officers, the report reported on Saturday 1,170 antibody tests (47,125 accumulated) of which 217 were positive (with a cumulative of 2,978), while 32 workers were reported diagnosed with Covid-19 by PCR, bringing the total number of sick in that sector.



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