20 years after the first movie they starred in together, Barrymore, Liu and Díaz met in a special show Credit: Youtube

Drew Barrymore became the host of a morning talk and news show from CBS: The Drew Barrymore Show. For its premiere, the 45-year-old actress organized a curious “virtual” reunion with her friends and colleagues from the film Charlie’s Angels, Lucy Liu and Cameron Díaz.

While the meeting looked very real on the screen, with the participants respecting an adequate and somewhat extreme social distance, the host revealed a secret that surprised the entire audience. “I love that we’re together, though, are the three of us really together in this studio? Can you guess which one of us isn’t here?” She asked, to create intrigue.

“I’m the one in Los Angeles,” said Diaz, 48, laughing, after disappearing and returning in seconds. “They have to try this, it’s amazing,” the actress joked, as if her presence was not a hologram and she had actually teleported. “The ether, the particles that come off in space and then come back together. Its beautiful. Girls, it’s crazy, you should try it. Makes you shiver“He commented about his virtual participation in the meeting.

Released in 2000, the remake of the hit series from the 70s turns two decades in October. During the segment of the show, the actresses remembered the 20 years of friendship that bind them. “What I love about us is that we always accompany each other at all times: the big and the important, the small and the casual. Being such friends is possible because we tell each other our realities. Our friendship is true, it is not a Hollywood fairy tale, “said Barrymore. about Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, 51, whom he introduced as partners in life and crime.

In addition to the epic reunion with his colleagues, Barrymore again appealed to his cinematic past to recreate together with Adam Sandler (54) the romantic comedy they starred in 2004: 50 First Dates (Like it was the first time). With the idea of ​​updating Lucy, his amnesiac character, Sandler took the opportunity to joke about the new normal imposed by the pandemic.

“Hi Lucy, good morning,” Sandler said, playing her character on a set with the film’s scenery. “It’s me, Henry. I think we’re on our 5,000th date and our relationship is great. I’m going to bring you up to date: we are in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic, which is a terrible thing. Baseball games are now played in front of cardboard people“Explained the actor, who then became serious and moved Drew when he told him it was magical:” Now that you have your own show you are going to make people happy every day. I’m lucky to know you so well. I love u“.

As a way to advance the technological resources that will be used in the show, the actress spoke with her past self to promote her present Credit: Instagram

Drew Barrymore suffered several ups and downs in her career, but she seems to have overcome them. Today, the actress has two young daughters and carries out various ventures as a producer and a cosmetics line, among others.



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