With a movement .. I know the distinction of the real gold works of counterfeiting


In some cases, some people are tested when they buy gold jewelry, especially outside of the usual shops, but there may be a monumental process, so it must be familiar to how to distinguish between real gold works and the "fake".

Experts from the goldsmith and goldsmith market revealed a way to find out if the jobs are true or false. The secretary of the Najib Club of the Gold Division of the Chamber of Commerce states that it is common to buy gold to buy or sell in a jewelry store. If a person wants to know the truth of the occupation of gold, he should look at the shape of the 39; gold from the outside and from the inside.For example, if the ring is real, you will find its internal appearance exactly like the outside.

He added that "the seventh day", that there are several ways to identify the busy reality but the consumer cannot deal with it because it depends on a certain type of fire water to know the reality of gold, emphasizing that there is a other way, that is to say "to scratch" the gold In another metal, and if the shape of the gold from the inside you will find the color of yellow, like the color completely out, and if the ; gold is fake, you will find a color difference between the shape of the gold works from the outside and the internal shape.

The secretary of the Precious Metals division of the Chamber of Commerce stated that the real gold is a single paste, which means its shape from the inside as well as outside: if you break it, for example, you will discover that the form of gold internally is not different from the external shape in terms of color. Merchant or specialist.



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