With a show move, a dog and a bold dress.. 8 stars lead the trend in

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Friday, October 22, 2021

Written by – Nour Jamal
Photography – Alaa Ahmed

The El Gouna Film Festival usually leads the trend of social networking sites and search engines during its stay, due to the participants’ attitudes or their appearance with unfamiliar and controversial looks.
During the report, we review the most prominent stars who led the trend during their participation in the El Gouna Festival, because of their dresses on the red carpet during the days of the festival, before the closing ceremony, which begins this evening.

– Ilham Shaheen:

Unusually, the artist, Ilham Shaheen, abandoned the roses in her dress styles on the seventh day of El Gouna, and also adopted the raised hairstyle instead of the down one.
She appeared in a dark camel color cut dress, whose story was distinguished by its ruffles from the chest, with buffy sleeves and with backstitching at the hand, and coordinated with it a golden clutch.

Darren Haddad:

The artist, Darine Haddad, grabbed the attention on the red carpet on the seventh day of El Gouna, because she took her dog “Fandy” with her on the red carpet.
Darren wore a short dress in golden color, coordinated with it the same color shoes, adopted a soft make-up, and left her curly hair loose.

Naglaa Badr:

With the first hours of the opening of the festival, the artist, Najla Badr, topped the search engines, after causing a state of controversy for her appearance with a bold look, so that the pioneers of social networking sites circulated her pictures of the dress and the comments were poured out on her appearance.
Najla wore a black dress, exposed from the chest area, with a strange design, in which an artist appeared for the first time.

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Yasmine Sabry:

Also, the artist, Yasmine Sabry, topped the search engines on Google, and became the talk of the pioneers of social networking sites because of her appearance at the opening ceremony, as she attracted the admiration of many of the audience, because of her elegant look, in which she appeared in a bright and long yellow dress.

Tharaa Jbeil:

On the second day of the festival, the artist, Tharaa Byblos, topped the trend on the Google search engine, after appearing with a bold look.
Tharaa wore a bold blue dress, exposed to the abdomen and chest area, to show a tattoo drawing located below the chest area, adopting the hairstyle that fell on the chest.

Mayan El-Sayed:

The young artist Mayan El-Sayed also topped social networking sites and Google search lists, after she caught the eye with more than one view during her participation in the festival’s activities.
Mayan drew attention by wearing more than one distinctive and different look, which showed her femininity, and was described as a “naughty girl”, as the pioneers of social media also described her as a “Cinderella”, and some said that Cinderella is back again.

At the opening ceremony, Mayan recorded her presence strongly in a bright red dress exposed and a soft hairstyle, and in another look she wore a dress in sky blue, which was narrow and long and adopted a loose hairstyle, and Mayan drew attention, as usual, with her spontaneous movements and flirting with the paparazzi cameras on the red carpet.
On the fifth day, Mayan wore a short black dress that was cut and exposed at the chest area, and was characterized by the presence of some embroideries. Aesthetically, she adopted strong make-up, and chose a hairstyle that fell on her shoulders.

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Saba Mubarak:

In a blue suit, the artist, Saba Mubarak, appeared on the red carpet on the third day of the El Gouna Festival, which made her the top of the social media talk to swim the trend on the search engines.
And Saba appeared wearing a pink-blue suit, exposed at the abdomen area to not wear a shirt underneath. Some social media pioneers sarcastically linked her to the blue suit that the artist Ahmed Helmy wore in the movie “You made me a criminal,” where he was wearing the same suit, while others linked her and the suit. The controversy in which the artist “Sentiana Khalifa” appeared in the previous session of the festival, which was also without a shirt.


The artist, Lebleba, topped the popular search site Google, after surprising her fans with her remarkable appearance on the red carpet on the fourth day of the El Gouna Festival.
Lebleba appeared as she performed show-stopping moves, wearing a short dress above the knee, in soft black, adopting strong make-up.


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