“With arrogance” .. Kuwaiti Shams announces its first place in the world on the application (Tik Tok)

Kuwaiti actress Shams posted on her Twitter account, a tweet in which she expressed her happiness with the success she achieved after entering the world of the Tik Tok application.

Shams said in her tweet: “# TikTok is now the leader in the world, and I, with all arrogance and without any humility, are the leader of #TikTok in the Middle East and twice I have topped the world.”

And she continued: “And this application relies entirely on the success of the person in it, which is the people’s love for his nature, and you are the ones who pay you if it rains in the sky #money, people will not love them, meaning usurped.”

Shams had responded in a previous tweet to the attack she was subjected to by some, accusing her of having an artistic vacuum, which prompted her to turn to Tik Tok.

Shams said: “You should not be involved in a campaign against me, because at my age I have not talked to you, neither good nor good. I have been retiring from the paper press for 15 years because some of its affiliates estimate anyone who buys them for 500 riyals! So my subject matter is an artistic emptiness or what??? Nor is the love of people who make me a leader?”



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