With Fernández at the helm, the Malvinas Council meets for the first time on Friday

The Malvinas National Council, made up of the main political forces, academics, lawyers and ex-combatants, will meet for the first time next Friday, headed by President Alberto Fernández. The meeting will be part of the commemorative acts for the 200 years of the first raising of the Argentine flag in the Islands. As NA learned, the Secretary of the Malvinas, Daniel Filmus, visited the Casa Rosada on Tuesday to finalize the details of the event. Filmus highlighted the participation of the most important representatives of the Argentine parliament, “which will allow discussing and debating policies and strategies that are not tied to electoral calendars.” The secretary expressed himself thus when participating in a videoconference for members of the Association of Journalists of the Argentine Republic (APeRA). “The Council, which was also joined by the Governor of Tierra del Fuego, Gustavo Melella, will meet on Friday, November 6, after together with President Alberto Fernández we hoist the Argentine flag simultaneously with governors and mayors from all over the country and of all the political forces, “Filmus explained. Highlighting the unanimous will of the parties, he insisted that “if there is no common idea, but only regarding the objective but also the strategies, it will be very difficult to be successful in the claim” against the United Kingdom. “We have proposed in this government is to insist on the issue of sovereignty and the call for dialogue with England in all forums and organizations in which we have participation as a country, be it the UN, the OAS, Mercosur and many others” , he expressed. In another section, he reported that with British diplomacy “there are permanent conversations, many with issues inherent to the Malvinas, but always with the umbrella that they have put up so as not to speak of sovereignty.” Among them, he mentioned the airlift that Argentina provides for medical flights to the Malvinas or the work carried out by Argentine forensic teams to identify the soldiers buried in the collective graves, which is currently being negotiated in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. Filmus highlighted, at the same time, that the Brexit with which Great Britain separates from the European Union may be auspicious for Argentine interests, since “it is likely that the support of the other countries will weaken and also in terms of the economic issue one can predict that the Islands will no longer be recognized as a European Overseas Territory “. MG / OM NA

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