With La Marilyn, Jujuy theater returns to local stages

November 20, 2020 – 09:30
Tonight the one-man show starring Rodrigo Quiroga will be presented.

After eight months of closed spaces for theatrical activity and within the framework of Diversity Month and on the International Day of Trans Memory tonight at 9:30 p.m., the theatrical show La Marilyn will go on stage in the Main Hall of the Theater Miter.

With the support of the Provincial Council for Women and Gender Equality and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism through its Ministry of Culture, the group ADN – Arte de Nosotros presents the trans one-man biodrama interpreted by Rodrigo Quiroga under the direction of Sergio Díaz Fernandez.

“Since its premiere in 2017, first within the framework of the Ladies in Car Festival and then already independently, we always try to be present on the dates that are important to the Lgbtiq + community, and this year the opportunity was given through the support of the Council and of Culture, which allowed us to return from the Miter Theater ”, said the director. And about the return to the stage, he indicated, “for us it is important to be able to go on stage again, it is something that Jujuy theater players have been waiting for. We also know that the return is not easy, because although today we are in the province hall, there are independent spaces in the city whose return is much more complex. And you need to look there too. The Sala El Pasillo or La Mar en Coche will need the community to return, and from our place we stand in solidarity and hope that the Jujuy public will accompany each proposal ”, commented Díaz Fernández.

With the idea of ​​inviting reflection and debate in pursuit of the acceptance and respect of the trans collective, La Marilyn recreates through fiction moments in the life of a trans girl from Jujuy and her journey in the process of building her identity. It is a short show that acts as a trigger for the talk with the audience in which both the actor and the director of the play participate, joined today by Nicolás Navarro, head of the Center for Comprehensive Attention to Diversity, and Lourdes Ibarra, president of the Damas de Hierro Foundation.

While the protagonist Rodrigo Quiroga was very satisfied with the return. So he said, “it is very gratifying to do a show again, in this setting and in this theater. Especially after so long. We had been thinking for a long time about how to return, by streaming, from what platform, how we would mobilize the subsequent discussion if it became virtual. And today we are more than happy to be able to do this function. My nerves and emotion mix like the first day, but knowing that we are working to make trans girls visible and for the return of the theatrical activity renew the commitment and here we go ”, he concluded.

It is worth mentioning that tonight’s function is with free and free admission and complying with all the protocols required by the COE.


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