With low influx, start of the Summer Fair in León

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In the first edition of the 2021 Summer Fair, the facilities looked practically empty, the same was perceived by the tenants themselves who commented that on their first day the sales were not at all equal to the previous editions in the months of January and February .

“How do you compare this with the authentic Fair? Name I do not think it is the same, yes, they do respect the measures and are checking everything but now if I only come to work, we are just beginning,” said Emiliano Chávez from your gambling stand.

Commonly in the mornings there were students who filled the premises because many left the schools to hang out, and this year it will not be like that.

It is from 2:00 p.m. that people begin to arrive, reaching their highest point already at night, however it is too early to assume that this will be the case in the coming days, which put merchants with hope of food.

“Sales were quiet but let’s hope that everything improves, at night it was a little better but we just started, I say that it is okay and they are checking us so that we use the mask and the healthy distance”, said Mario Velázquez in his position of gorditas.

It will be until July 25 that traders will know if this edition helps them to reactivate their economy.


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