With Maniac, Netflix explores the mirages of the mind


Director of True detective , Cary Fukunaga signs a psychedelic series on the power of imagination and mental suffering. An invitation to a strange journey into extravagant worlds, served by a five-star cast. Starting with Emma Stone and Justin Theroux.

"Even if you do not understand what's happening, maniac he will take care of you and take you somewhere, "says Cary Fukunaga in the preamble – a warning of weight, a promising filmmaker, with his first film Sin number who had a strong impression at the Deauville American Film Festival and its delicate and gothic adaptation of Jane Eyre, the American director at the dummy's port exploded on the small, sticky screen True detective from HBO. After three years of absence behind the camera, here he is again with this series of ten episodes for Netflix.

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As sharp as True detective it was twilight, Maniac is a dive into wonderland. Those who populate the imagination of Annie, a lover of more or less soft drugs, and Owen, schizophrenic and black sheep of his family of millionaires. These two souls in pain participate in a clinical trial of a treatment that eradicates both madness and pain that poison the mind. Obviously the experience is running out. Our guinea pigs share strange dreams that bring them, like the spectator, in a multitude of alternative realities. From one episode to the next, they are dragged into a half-encoded Earth, then darkly polar in the 1950s, before landing in a version of the 80s version of Desperate Housewives.

Distribution of luxury

How psychedelic like Twin Peaks, Maniac enjoys a bewildering retro-futuristic environment at Wes Anderson. The daily life of Annie and Owen is similar to ours, but there is always a small detail that is wrong as this chess player plays in front of a stuffed stuffed animal, these huge computers and not really portable phones or a small lemur in a cage that arouses all passions. The saga will have many detractors as admirers. Inspired by a Norwegian series set in a psychiatric hospital, "maniac asks the question: what is normal? ", decipher the Figaro Cary Fukunaga." We do not pretend to do a series on mental illness, but maniac reminds us that we can not heal the spirit and defend self-acceptance. "Thanks to this director and screenwriter Patrick Somerville (Leftovers), this story "shaped like Russian dolls" is seduced and is a trace of crumbs thanks to its luxury distribution.

"I did not see anyone except Emma Stone, whom I had admired a long time ago La La Land, to play Annie, "recalls Cary Fukunaga, who recruited the debonair Jonah Hill (21 Jump Street) to camp Owen. And to add: "We had the actors well before they had their characters, we worked together, Emma wanted to get rid of a maximum of stereotypes." So for the actress, the girls next door and the outgoing heroines whose only goal is to help their partner enjoy life.

During the cracks, his Annie is the center of gravity of Maniac. Less comfortable with the different versions of Owen, Jonah Hill is more withdrawn. An emptiness filled by Justin Theroux and Sonoya Mizuno, crazy scientists. "After the hard work, I wanted to try the humor, even if mine has never gone beyond the absurdityHe is a pilot on the plane? "Says Cary Fukunaga.

The former 41-year-old surfer does not hide the complicated genesis of maniac : "There are no limits to alternative universes, we have developed many intrigues that have not emerged, and we have rewritten our scenarios during production. maniac explore many genres. In their disparate and falsely parodic arias, these adventures are linked to the future of Annie and Owen. "Rare on Netflix, often the victim of" narrative swelling ", maniac does not exceed 45 minutes per episode. The perfect combination of creativity and masterful style exercise.



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