World With more than 6,000 dead in Brazil, Bolsonaro greets...

With more than 6,000 dead in Brazil, Bolsonaro greets supporters

O President of Brazil left the Planalto Palace this Sunday to greet the hundreds of supporters that awaited him, in a demonstration of support to the government, contrary to the advice of the Ministry of Health itself so that people retreat to their homes to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

The huge group of protesters was positioned in front of the Planalto ramp, the official residence of the presidency, in Brasília. Jair Twitter he left with an entourage of a few dozen people and positioned himself on the ramp, where he still took a child in his arms.

It is possible to see masks among the crowd, but without respecting any measures of social distance. Between the Jair Twitter, which includes two of his children, there are people without a mask.

“It is a manifestation spontThenea of the people of Brazil in defense of democracy and freedom. I want a government without interference that can work for the future of Brazil. objective that I am sure will be reached, after all, we all want the good of our country “, said Jair Twitterfor the cameramara that filmed it.

“I ask God that we have no problem this week. We have reached the limit. There is no more conversation. From now on we will not only demand, we will enforce the Constitution. It will be enforced at any price,” he added, minutes later.

The ruler then went down the ramp and greeted some of his supporters, accompanying them in some chambersntic, as, for example, “our flag will never be red”, a slogan used against the party left.

At the same time as Twitter campaigned with his supporters, the Minister of Health, Nelson Teich, this Sunday visited the capital of Amazonas, Manaus, where the authorities were forced to dig mass graves to bury the mortal victims of the pandemic.

The virus SARSCoV-2, which results in the disease Covid-19, has already made 6,750 deaths in the country and infected 96,559 people.

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