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Today November 22, the day on which the music day is celebrated among other events and that, in El Puerto it is celebrated in a big way with a concert on the Municipal Theater stage by the “Maestro Dueñas” Band that, under the young but already expert baton of the Superior Professor of Trumpet, Javier Alonso Barba, today, in one of those great days for both musicians and fans and dilettantes, the theater can only accommodate a third of its capacity due to fault of the happy ambushed bug. And look, it is difficult for me to refer to it as repeated, but it is conditioning our lives in such a way that it is not easy to abstract from its influence. Luckily, the Culture Area of ​​our City Council has not wanted to throw in the towel -as has happened in other towns in our environment-, and have opted to maintain the planned programming as much as possible, echoing the security that transmits attending any cultural event. Because we do not forget, culture is also essential is safe. Our land is the cradle of artists, musicians and singers of all styles who become fervent ambassadors as soon as they cross the Sierra de San Cristóbal. And there are many musicians who have chosen and even today choose to live among us so that our way of life, the musicality of our light and the beat of the Buenos Aires temperament serve as inspiration for their creations. Today, our minstrels and minstrels can hardly go on pilgrimage from town to town entertaining locals and strangers with their latest musical creations, because of this biblical plague that we are having to live. From consecrated such as Bumbury, Paloma San Basilio, Paco Loco, Eva Santamaría, Pansequito, Merche Macaria and Javier Ruibal among others, to the youngest who are asking for passage in a world like the musical that is little easy, but much exciting. Television companies Julia González and Sergio Chaves taking their first steps assure us that they will not go elsewhere with the music.

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