With the co-financing of the municipality, 50 cultural and historical buildings and their elements will be restored in Riga

Riga City Council The Commission for Degrading Buildings has approved more than 50 projects in a tender for co-financing the renovation of historic buildings in Riga.

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The tender announced by the municipality for owners of historic houses to receive co-financing for the renovation of buildings is taking place for the seventh year. This year, 101 project applications have been received. Of these, 76 have been recognized as compliant with the tender regulations, but 55 have been approved. The total funding allocated for the implementation of projects is 883,108 euros.

16 of the approved projects will be implemented in the “Small Program” of the competition, which is intended for the restoration and restoration of the elements of the cultural monument – construction handicrafts. Under this program, up to 5,000 euros of municipal co-financing is allocated to one project.

39 of the approved projects will be implemented in the “Grand Program”, the total funding of which this year is 816,483 euros. The maximum co-financing per project for the renovation of cultural buildings is a maximum of 50% of the eligible costs. The maximum amount of municipal co-financing for the project of the Large Program for the Restoration and Restoration of a Cultural Monument may reach 30 thousand. euro.

The projects approved in the competition must be implemented by November 15 of this year. Municipal co-financing will be granted to the building owner in the form of compensation after the project owner and all project implementation costs have been paid by the landlord.

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