With the counteroffensive approaching autumn, kyiv once again requests long-range weapons

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Ukraine urges West to what accelerate fighter supply and long-range weapons, just when the United States would consider sending ATACMS missiles to boost its counteroffensive at the gates of autumn, while being on alert for possible Russian attacks against energy infrastructure.

This Saturday, the American television network ABC stated that “it is likely” that the Government of President Joe Biden will send ATACMS to Ukraine.

“They are coming,” said one official who has had access to the security assistance plans, while a second says that no decision has been made yet, but that the missiles are “on the table” and will likely be included in an upcoming military aid package.

The range of these missiles, depending on the version, would allow Ukraine to hit targets almost four times further than with the rockets it currently possesses.

The president’s advisor Volodímir ZelenskiMijailo Podoliak assured today that sending long-range missiles to Ukraine, including ATACMS, would mean a clear psychological message to Russia that there is no longer a “mythical” fear of Moscow and in practice it would allow “significant acceleration of destruction.” of Russia’s rear resources.

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