With the help of the DEA, they capture 16 emeralds at Boyacá and Bogotá


Police agents, the Prosecutor's Office and the DEA coordinated a simultaneous operation in the department of Boyacá and in the city of Bogota against members of the emerald clan of Horacio Triana, who was captured for extradition purposes by the United States judicial system.

According to the preliminary reports of the researchers, there are 16 acquisitions in the development of operations.

(In context: the partner Esmeraldero of Pedro Orejas is assassinated in Bogotá)

According to reports from intelligence agencies, those caught in this case presumably they came to orchestrate a criminal plan to attempt against the main witnesses in the case of the organizations of Triana and Pedro Orejas, this last extradited to the United States.

According to testimony and evidence held by the authorities, presumably for this criminal plan, the so-called Triana clan it would be worth a kind of agreement with an organization who commits crimes in the department of Antioquia.

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Within the tests to unveil this criminal plan, research organizations They have collected abundant evidence, including different telephone recordings are distinguished.

The authorities will continue with the investigation to find all those responsible for this criminal strategy that would remain Several Sicilian attacks in the capital of the country against the emeralds of the city.



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