With the issuance of the World Happiness Report 2023.. What is the ranking of the Arab countries?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — There is reason to be optimistic when looking at the World Happiness Report 2023.

Charity recorded a level 25% higher than it was before the pandemic.

“Benevolence toward others, especially helping strangers, rose significantly during 2021, with it remaining high through 2022,” John Helliwell, one of the authors of the World Happiness Report, said in an interview with CNN.

Global happiness was not affected during the three years by the shadow of the “Covid-19” pandemic.

The report from the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Solutions Network, which draws on global survey data of people from nearly 150 countries, said that life assessments between 2020 and 2022 were “remarkably resilient”, with global averages essentially matching the three years leading up to the pandemic. .

For the sixth year in a row, Finland topped the list, according to the rankings of the World Happiness Report, which relies heavily on the life assessments of the global “Gallup” poll.

The Scandinavian country and its neighbors such as Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Norway achieved very good results in the index.

And when it comes to the Arab countries, the United Arab Emirates topped the list, with its 26th rank in the world, followed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and then Bahrain.

Lebanon ranked last in the classification of Arab countries, and penultimate according to the international classification.

In the above infographic, we show you a look at the ranking of Arab countries according to the World Happiness Report 2023.

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