Entertainment with the new Moon Taurus and Virgo think about...

with the new Moon Taurus and Virgo think about work

In the horoscope of Thursday 17 September we immediately find an important astrological event: today (and precisely around 13 if you are in Italy) the Moon and the sun will join, as every 28 days, this time at 25 ° of the sign of the Virgin. The new moon begins a new cycle of action moon or a new complete path of the moon around the earth which lasts approximately 28 days.

The horoscope of September 17

Since I am a curious astrologer, at each start of the lunation I create a birth chart and today’s one for the next month sees great attention to the work environment but, again, insists on the inevitable breakdown of our old and traditional economic working system . I say this because if the things related to work (the 10th and the 2nd) are affected by the trine between the Sun + Moon and Saturn, it is also true that the quadrature of Mars to the planets in the sign of Capricorn is vented right on the second house. The symbols that astrology refers to the second house are the work and the money obtained with it. Let’s say that once again the sky speaks to us of inevitable changes.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

If it is true that the national Belen has tattooed “Chupito” on her finger, it is because she too, like you, feels the unbearable influence of this Mars. Energy, desire to do and full of sensuality aside, you can also enjoy a sweet Venus eager for pampering. You are a real loose love mine … be careful how you explode!
love: sweet words in alternating sonnets! Work: you can’t concentrate properly … Salute: you just need to find the right way to express your energies. Tip of the day: a dance class! Here’s what you should start this fall! Better if African dance!
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Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

I already know where you imagine, Torone. Probably on the large hanging farm, above the Parisian rooftops with a view of the Eiffel Tower! This Moon makes you start the day with the best of intentions and with clear plans in mind. However, it is difficult to involve those you love in all your adventures. Do nothing: when they understand how much you care, they will follow you without saying a word!
love: not the easiest of tasks … Work: so full of enthusiasm that you could arrive at the office a couple of hours in advance (Yes! Just you !!!) Salute: be careful with the post dinner tiramisu … be frugal! Tip of the day: it’s time to bring home a new plant from your trusted nursery. And you will call her: Bernarda!
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Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

They will probably beat you at five-a-side football, as happened to the policeman who was seen tearing up by a very skilled freestyle kid. But you have always liked foot games, even when you are not doing them! The Moon is wrong but your friend Mercury does not stop making you think and reflect … Try to think positively though!
love: sure you want to follow up on that knowledge that convinces you so little !? Work: the time has come to weigh the pros and cons. Salute: a few moments of loss of concentration. Put it into account! Tip of the day: treat yourself to a bath with candles and ambient background music. Do you need advice on the artist? BANKSY!
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Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

You never stop. Not even when it seems evident that some solutions are not exactly the most easily feasible … however, as in Verona, you would even be willing to lay the table on a garbage can just to invite your new flirt to a glass of wine with you. The Moon today can make you tense (especially in the evening). Go with the flow and don’t act out of spite.
love: take things slow and don’t force it. Work: it is not easy to reason with all these people who tell you what to do and how to do it. Salute: you need to take life in small steps. Tip of the day: always bring something to read as you walk towards the office (always keeping an eye on cars and passers-by !!!)
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Leo (July 23 – August 23)

I am almost convinced that the girl who returned to Rimini after being expelled from Italy was from the Lion. The justification he gave, “Italian men are too handsome and the food is too good!” (Cit), it reminds me so much of your will to live in this period. Mars and Venus make you so enjoyable as to be enviable!
love: continue your “50 shades of gray”. Work: you must remember that you are not the only one working in the office. Collaborate! Salute: you certainly can’t complain! Tip of the day: it’s okay to show your mood, especially if it’s TOP. But bringing banners to work, with balloons and trumpets following it seems to me a bit too much.
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Virgo (august 24 – september 22)

You are almost incredulous that this Moon is abandoning you, little virgin. Do not worry: you still have some time to have your say and make appropriate observations and at the limit of irony as you like so much to do. As for that business project you have in mind: don’t give up. Maybe some time will pass but you still have good opportunities to define the minor details!
love: don’t give in too easily to those who use boldness to attract you! Work: it is right that you take your time to reflect. Salute: enjoy a good cup of coffee when you wake up listening to your favorite radio to relax Tip of the day: opt for manual work, whether it’s knitting or creating a few small trinkets with salt dough.
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Libra (september 23 – october 22)

You extricate yourself with irony and irreverence from situations that are not easy to unravel. Can you, like the national Barbarella, free yourself from the advances of Corona with a resounding and unequivocal “Greet me a soreta”! All thanks to a Mercury-Moon pairing that, starting this evening, begins to give you all the tools to react to Jupiter and Mars crooked. Nobody ditches you!
love: somehow, they manage to attract your interest. Work: you have no problem even saying the most uncomfortable things. Your delicacy wins over any flaw. Salute: it is the best time for a good hour of selfcare. Tip of the day: the best part of tidying up the shoe cabinet? Imagine all the possible combinations for those beautiful heeled shoes that you have exhumed from the depths of oblivion like even Tutankhamun!
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Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Please Scorpio: Be careful! Venus square and opposite Uranus know me so much about some super hot incident like the one that happened to Chris Evans (who accidentally posted a selfie a bit too hot on Instagram !!!). This is not the right time to risk too much with twists … be cautious and move in your beloved shadows!
love: you don’t need to (to) show anything. Remember that!Work: it’s time for a clarifying meeting to regroup. SaluteThere is only one cure with this decline in self-esteem: compulsive shopping. Tip of the day: there are also those days when we feel ugly ducklings… the important thing is to remember that you are swans inside and… to have a new coat for the mid-season as a plumage!
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Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Venus from yours, Mars that accompanies and a Moon that is gently removing itself from the chestnuts … you are practically the greatest work of art among the others of secondary importance. A bit like the statuary Bolle (the dancer) who shows off his elegance in the midst of paintings and statues exhibited in a museum. Like him today you are harmonious and full of lightness: take advantage of your rampant good mood!
love: it’s the right time to indulge in sweet words … Work: Pay attention to advice from colleagues you trust. Salute: A little yoga in the evening before bed can help you rest better. Tip of the day: prepare something good for lunch and do it with care and attention. Taking care of yourself, with some pampering, has amazing effects on your mood.
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Capricorn (December 22 – January 21)

Something has changed in you, as in Anna Tatangelo. While the singer appears on TV in a rapper style and with platinum hair, you probably have in mind to change strategies to see if there are any immediate changes. But beware of sudden and not very substantial choices: Mars could lead you to too sudden and not very solid actions. Be cautious!
love: make you want !!! Work: you absolutely need to reorder the appointments on the calendar! Salute: do not lose your temper for some delay due to force majeure! Tip of the day: is the right evening to distract yourself and organize that famous dinner with your best friend after the summer holidays! Remember to bring good wine!
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Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

Although the opposite Venus can make it difficult for you to reach the one you love, the moon that enters your favor allows you to awaken the desire to face different adventures during your day! A bit like Super Mario (who just turned 35!) Who decides to go on an adventure and face 1000 dangers to find his princess!
love: some spite and acts of jealousy. Work: you finally remember where you left your computer password! Salute: the net recovery at the end of the evening! Tip of the day: Do you remember that famous tablecloth your mother-in-law gave you on Christmas two years ago? I’m talking about that piece of fabric with a horrible pattern… here! The time has come to transform it into something different… like a kitchen apron!
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Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

The moon could wake you up badly, Little Fish, but how sure you will get back the desire to face the day in no time at all! Mercury helps you with your calculations at work and you might even find it fun to ride to the office! If you feel like it, you could even compete with the postman to see who arrives first at the end of the road home!
love: don’t be too shy and accept small thoughts or even some pinks! Work: you are much more productive than usual! Salute: thanks to the movement of Luna, go back to dreaming! Tip of the day: take a tour in the library… there are books and fantastic worlds just waiting for you, on the shelf!
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