With the participation of Macri, Rodríguez Larreta and Vidal, the Fundación Pensar subsidiary was launched in Córdoba

The new subsidiary will be commanded by the former Minister of Tourism Gustavo Santos

With the participation of the former president Mauricio Macri; of the Head of Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta; and the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Maria Eugenia VidaHe, among other leaders and officials, this Tuesday launched the subsidiary of the Think Foundation in the province of Córdoba, which will be chaired by the former Minister of Tourism Gustavo Santos.

The new cell, a think tank and research aimed at developing electoral strategies and public policies in the PRO space, joins others already established in the provinces of Mendoza, Corrientes, Santa Fe, Tucumán or La Pampa. It was presented through a virtual meeting that was attended by all the national, provincial and municipal authorities, together with the highest referents of the political space and the Fundación Pensar at the national level.

Macri attended by means of a recorded video, in which he expressed: “The work of thinking our country is more urgent than ever, The launch of the Fundación Pensar Córdoba fills me with joy. But I’m even more happy that it’s under the leadership of an incredible person, like Gustavo Santos. I was lucky to work alongside him for 4 years, seeing how he put Argentina in the world ”.

In turn, Rodríguez Larreta, highlighted that “The value of unity is always what characterizes Together for Change above any other, I have a lot of expectations. Fundación Pensar Córdoba is a very good opportunity for Córdoba and for the country. I am convinced that to govern well we have to be prepared and that takes time. We must build together a government plan that is participatory, capable of listening and creating work spaces ”.

The subsidiary will be commanded by Santos, who in addition to being the head of the Tourism portfolio during Macri’s presidency, during his career was also Secretary of Culture, Education and Tourism of the Province of Córdoba and Secretary of the Government of the City of Córdoba.

“Córdoba is a province that has deep respect among different political forces, which provides greater balance and maturity at the social level. It is necessary that this Cordoba spirit is preserved and strengthened, that it becomes an example of constructive coexistence where dialogue and respect are prioritized over confrontation. The long-term objective of Córdoba is that its social capital and its relationship with political forces is a model to follow to achieve a better Argentina ”, said the new headline.

And he added: “The challenge is to think about the future of Córdoba and its productive development. Design public policies to integrate the province in the world. Create synergies between productive and academic sectors, with a present and committed State that promotes the generation of private work. True social inclusion is through employment. We must jointly build a new Cordoba dream that will be a beacon and an inspiration for all ”.

The meeting was held through the Zoom platform
The meeting was held through the Zoom platform

During the meeting that was held through the Zoom platform, María Eugenia Vidal expressed her support and commitment: “I want to congratulate you on the launch. Thank you Gustavo, for being a great colleague, I am sure that you and your team will be able to face the enormous challenges ahead ”.

The president of PRO also spoke, Patricia bullrich, who described the initiative as a “Huge challenge” to build among all authorities who have gone through politics in Córdoba, “A proposal that seeks progress”. “I believe that Fundación Pensar is the tool we have so that ideas and proposals can be generated that make people from Cordoba fall in love with the ideas we have for Córdoba.”

The meeting was also attended by the president and the secretary of the Pensar Foundation, Franco Moccia and Francisco Quintana; and the national senators, Laura Rodríguez Machado and Humberto Schiavoni.

Among the PRO authorities of Córdoba were the national deputies Soher El Sukaria, Adriana Ruarte, Héctor Baldassi and Gabriel Frizza; the provincial deputy and president of PRO Córdoba, Dario Capitani; the provincial deputies, Silvia Paleo and Alberto Ambrosio; the president of COMUPRO and mayor of Salsipuedes, Marcelo Bustos; the mayor of Villa Allende, Eduardo Romero and the mayor of Marcos Juárez, Pedro Dellarossa; G25 representatives Martín Verzini and Martín Roca; the benchmark of La Generación, Agustín Del Pino; the president of the Youth of PRO Córdoba, Gonzalo torres and the university reference Jessica Roveto Yapour, among others.

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