With the wedding ring.. Yasmine Sabry occupies the Egyptians and leads the trend

Over the past few hours, I topped up Actress Yasmine Sabry The search engine trended on Google, after it appeared in a group of photos that it shared with its followers through its official account on the Instagram site.

And the accessories of the Egyptian artist that appeared in the pictures raised questions from the followers about the presence of a ring in her left hand, which looks like the previous wedding ring, which made some repeat several questions about her return to her ex-husband. Businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima.

The star, Yasmine Sabry, denied what was reported about the return of her married life again, and said, “I have many rings, and I do not know the reason for the spread of this image. I get married in secret,” according to her statements on the scarlet carpet of the Joy Awards.

Her wedding ring from Abu Hashima

It is noteworthy that Yasmine Sabry published a set of her photos on a private plane that she took to travel to Riyadh to attend the Joy Awrads Awards ceremony, but what caught the public’s attention in these photos was her appearance with a ring that the public thought was her wedding ring to businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima.

There were many rumors recently about the return of Yasmine Sabry to her ex-husband, for several reasons, including the return of their follow-up to each other via “Instagram”, and when the duo attended the concert of the star Amr Diab on the northern coast of Egypt at the end of 2022, and finally because of the return of her wearing the ring.

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The duo, Ahmed Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry, got married in April 2020 in a family atmosphere, at which time the father of the bride was absent due to the crises that occurred between him and his daughter, and they separated in complete calm, away from the official announcement of the separation in May 2022.

“second chance”

It is noteworthy that Yasmine Sabry was absent from the Ramadan 2022 drama, and her last work was the series “Second Chance”, addressing the drama of Muhammad Sayed Bashir, written by Mostafa Gamal Hashem, and directed by Mark Adel.

Ahmed Magdy, Ayten Amer, Heba Magdy, Diab, Edward, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, Heba Abdel-Ghani, Sarah Al-Shami, Muhammad Abu Dawood, Ahmed Al-Shami, Nihal Anbar and Omar Al-Shennawy co-starred in the series.

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