With this weather the meteorological autumn starts

On Wednesday, meteorological autumn begins. That means the days are quickly getting shorter and it usually gets colder. Yet in the past we have also regularly had beautiful late summers. Read in this article with what type of weather the meteorological autumn will start this year and whether a hint of late summer is still in it.

From the start of the meteorological autumn on Wednesday it is fairly calm autumn weather with clouds and regularly room for the sun. There is usually little wind and therefore it can sometimes be foggy in the early mornings. Occasionally there may be a light shower, but it will probably not be particularly wet in the first few days.

Lately, the northerly wind has kept it from being too hot and from Wednesday there is also a high chance of winds from the north. Summer heat is therefore not possible, but the temperature is expected to be around 20 degrees every day. This is a typical afternoon temperature for early September.

Will we still have late summer?

In the second week of September, the uncertainty in the wind direction increases. South winds are then a possibility and that can produce temperatures of (well) above 20 degrees. The chance of that happening is about 60%. Summer temperatures of 25 degrees are not completely excluded with a chance of about 15%.

September has offered some tropical surprises in the past. For example, last year on September 15, the heat record for that month was broken with 35.1 degrees in Gilze-Rijen. This was also a record late official tropical day.

Difference meteorological and astronomical autumn

Meteorological fall begins on September 1 and continues until the last day of November. The astronomical fall doesn’t start until September 22. On that day, day and night are exactly the same length. Read more about the differences in this article.

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