With urban art, they call to avoid throwing garbage in sewers of Ecatepec

Ecatepec, Mex.- Turtles, seals, characters and landscapes emerge from sewers of the Miguel Hidalgo colony, as part of the program “Adopt a strainer”, To keep them clean, free of garbage and turn them into urban art.

The project tries to create awareness in the community not to throw garbage on public roads and turn the sewers into urban art, with the participation of the population, especially young people, said the municipal president Fernando Vilchis Contreras, during a tour of Miguel Hidalgo Avenue.

This after the paving of more than half a kilometer of the avenue located in the neighborhood of the same name, and where the mayor collected garbage and called on citizens to accept the program “Adopt a drain”, with the aim that they are Be aware of the sewers in your community and thus prevent garbage from accumulating in them.

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“Even if it costs us a little work, let us make an effort and sacrifice to have our streets clean, if we leave this garbage our works will last us less and less” and with the rains they will suffer floods, said the municipal president.

The first stage of “Adopta una coladera” takes place on Miguel Hidalgo avenue, where there are about 70 sewers, of which 10 and four manholes were painted by young people from the community, although it is expected to spread to various communities in the municipality, under the coordination of the Department of Water Culture and Social Communication, of the Potable Water, Sewerage and Sanitation Services agency Ecatepec (Mapase).

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The subjects to create urban art are free, with the exception of subjects that foment violence, drug use or politics, indicated municipal authorities.

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