With "VIDEA moves" towards a healthier lifestyle: 24.04.2019, 19.33 clock

From now on, AOK PLUS and AOK Rheinland / Hamburg offer the digital and interactive prevention program "VIDEA bewegt". Moreover this common message of collecting …

It was developed by the TUMAINI Institute for the management of prevention under the direction of Prof. Peter Schwarz in Dresden and has been tested and certified by the Central Test Prevention Office.

The new program aims to motivate participants to do more in their daily lives and make their lifestyle healthier. To achieve their goal, the app uses the corresponding results of motivational psychology.

More than 30 HD videos provide basic knowledge, inspiration, motivational techniques and practical exercises. Users learn about the different forms of everyday life and receive practical advice that helps them make their daily life more active.

In eight modules, the participants increase their individual level of activity step by step. Unlock the modules one after the other and determine at what speed, in what place and at what time they want to complete their exercises.

Chat with the experts moved by VIDEA and a forum with other participants offer the opportunity to exchange opinions. With the quizzes, users put their knowledge to the test and learn rather about it, because it is useful to integrate more exercises into everyday life.

The app moved VIDEA accompanies participants in at least 56 days of course through the online program. It helps them improve their performance, strengthen their strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility, as well as effectively and effectively relax the whole body.

Prevent chronic diseases with movement

It has been scientifically proven that every day 10,000 steps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. More daily activity reduces the likelihood of hypertension, heart disease, depression, dementia and metabolic syndrome.

"Movement is a medicine for our body". Moving with VIDEA supports the recording of the daily "dose" exercise and integrates it into our daily routine, "says Dr. Astrid Naczinsky, Head of the Supply and Medicine Unit of the AOK Rheinland / Hamburg.

The average German only takes about 2,700 steps a day. "Health programs that aim to take a Nordic walk or a weight training session or visit a gym once a week have a limited impact on health," says Heiko Kotte, director of health promotion AOK PLUS. "Unless they lead to increased daily activity".

Register and use for free

AppVIDEA moves are available for download from the Google Play Store and App Store. Insured persons of AOK PLUS and AOK Rheinland / Hamburg can use them for free after registration. Other interested parties have the opportunity to complete a two-day introductory training for free and only then decide if they want to pay the app.



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