Withdraw the license of a person guilty of a fatal accident while intoxicated, until the trial: this is the idea carried by the dad of a man killed in such a tragedy

The facts date back to June 2021. That evening, a young 27-year-old driver, an acquaintance of Mathieu Sardo, the victim, lost control of his vehicle and killed the passenger.

Two years later, his family is still devastated, but a conviction has fallen: 16 months of suspended imprisonment. The driver recognized under the influence of alcohol has always been able to keep his license since. An intolerable situation for the father of the victim.

“That we withdraw the permit, from the day of the tragedy, until the trial. Because here, it is perhaps likely that he came to the trial, by car”, explains the pope.

This request would apply to drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. For several months, Alfio has been leading a real crusade with political power and he denounces the risks on our roads.

“When you give the license to someone who’s been drinking and doesn’t bother, he’s going to feel invulnerable, and I might run into him again later on the road. If you kill someone with a gun and you have a gun license, it will be revoked!”.

To obtain his breakthrough Alfio is counting on the ongoing reform of the penal code. In a few days, he has an appointment with the office of the Ministry of Justice. Its approach concerns all fatal accidents and it arouses interest.

“It’s a legitimate request”, explains Benoit Godart, spokesperson for VIAS. “But that also means that we are inflicting a sentence on someone who has not yet been tried, so from a legal point of view, it is a bit tricky”.

Alfio has set himself the goal of 2023 to try to get things moving and make the loss of a loved one more bearable for other families.

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