Withdrawal contract with the EU: can ask questions to the third Brexit vote


The third planned vote in the lower house on the Brexit treaty could be canceled. Prime Minister May wants her to run only if there is sufficient support.

British Prime Minister Theresa May may not let the House of Commons vote for the third time on her Brexit agreement negotiated with Brussels. In two previous polls, the head of the government had crashed with the agreement. A third attempt was planned for next week.

A government spokeswoman confirmed DPA that May had sent a letter with this content to the deputies. In the letter, May increases the pressure on parliamentarians: it will again submit the agreement to the vote, if sufficient support emerges. Otherwise, Britain would have to ask Brussels for another solution, which would also mean participation in the European elections.

DUP still does not want to support the agreement

Previously, the Northern Irish DUP party, for which the Mays minority government vote was demoted for failed elections, said it would continue to support the agreement.

The EU and May have agreed to postpone the exit of the EU Friday night at least until 12 April. The plan: if the lower house is in agreement with the agreement next week, the retreat on 22 May is scheduled to go on stage. If this fails, the EU expects new proposals from London before April 12th.

The United Kingdom originally wanted to leave the European Union on March 29, but the deadline cannot be maintained. Parliament is totally divided on the Brexit course.



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