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New complaint from Motul IMSS patients

MOTUL.— A beneficiary of the IMSS in this city denounced the lack of medications for patients who have cancer treatments.

The person affected, Benito Tzuc, a native of Baca, said that he has been walking with his patient for a little more than a month to obtain the medicine. “This situation of coming and going is exhausting when they tell us that the medicine will come, not always in the end,” he explained.

He asserted that the day before yesterday the response of the IMSS staff was more drastic, since they always said “come the next day”, but now they recommend that it be between eight days.

He concluded by saying that the delay in the delivery of drugs that control cancer causes the patient’s health to deteriorate, so he asks the corresponding authorities to take action on the matter.— MAURICIO CAN TEC


On March 3, we published that beneficiaries complained that for several months they have not been receiving medication.


The delay in filling the medications that the doctors recommended in the prescriptions caused the anger of the patients, since some have been waiting for their medications since January.

They demand medications

Those affected demanded that the director of the IMSS hospital in this city, whom they did not identify, comply with the delivery of medicines that are needed.


Those affected indicated that on Thursday, March 5, the drugs arrived.

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