Without Cristina Kirchner or Alberto Fernández, Peronism celebrates its emblematic day with the fear of being left out of the ballot

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Peronism celebrated its emblematic date this Tuesday, known as “Loyalty Day”, without the presence of the vice president Cristina Kirchner nor the president Alberto Fernandezand with nerves on edge due to the uncertainty about whether this Sunday he will be able to enter the runoff in which the Argentine presidency will most likely be defined.

“The worst is happening, what is coming is much better and we are going to do it together,” the presidential candidate harangued, Sergio Massa, in new evidence of his strange role: he is the Minister of Economy of a country in which inflation is close to 140 percent annually and is heading towards possible hyperinflation, but he promises that, if he becomes president, everything will be different.

Massa came third in the August presidential primaries, a short distance from the winner, the ultra-liberal populist Javier Milei, and the second, the social-liberal Patricia Bullrich. The polls, of almost zero reliability in Argentina, do not guarantee Massa to go to at least second place in this Sunday’s elections to obtain a place in the November 19 runoff.

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