“Without faith, I would have gone crazy”

In a few years, when we have a certain distance from events, the life of Jean-Pierre Gillain could make a thrilling series. In any case, the events of the last three years are rich in twists and turns so big that the viewer would find it hard to believe the truth of the matter. However, and this is the whole problem for Jean-Pierre Gillain, it is indeed his life.

➜ The police are in the footsteps of the actress (used to police roles, she played in NCIS in particular), Since six months

In July 2020, the lady refused to return the kid to his father who nevertheless had shared custody. The custody subsequently became exclusive for Jean-Pierre, justice indeed realized that the accusations repeated at length by the lady, and which earned a stay in prison in Verviet, were based on the wind.

➜A very stressful for the father who hasn’t seen his Sebastian since April 2019… “Without faith I would have gone crazy”

➜ It’s a complicated matter, here are the details.


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