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It is a very small list. If you are wondering which countries you can travel to without restrictions now, there are very few options for international tourists. Of course, within each country there are even variations, as in the United States where a quarantine is necessary in the state of New York, plus two negative PCR tests, while in the state of Florida, no requirement is requested. Of course, citizens of a large number of countries cannot enter, including those from Brazil or Europe.

The situation in Europe also varies, constantly, due to the constant increase in coronavirus cases. Europeans are allowed to move “freely” (with very large quotation marks) in the Old Continent, as well as foreigners with European passports.

Therefore, when we say to which countries you can travel without restrictions now, it is, without any quarantines or negative PCR tests or having a citizen of a particular country. Therefore, the list is very short.

At the time of publishing this report, those countries are: Mexico, Brazil, Turkey and Afghanistan.


It does not require any type of test or quarantine, just fill out a form called the “Traveler Risk Identification Questionnaire” that can be complete and download hereí.


It is not necessary to present any document, medical insurance or test or quarantine


Those entering Turkey will only go through a random medical check upon arrival.


No restrictions

Of course, there are many more options, but all include some type of requirement, in most cases, a negative PCR test and / or medical insurance that includes coverage against COVID-19.


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