Without renewables, Mexico is not an option for General Motors – El Financiero

Mexico could cease to be an investment destination if it does not commit to the transition from energy to renewables, said Francisco Garza, president and CEO of General Motors Mexico.

During his participation in the XLIX IMEF National Convention, the manager assured that a legal framework that is focused on clean energy must be committed, or else our country could lose the opportunity to attract investment.

“Unfortunately if the conditions do not exist, Mexico will no longer be a destination for investment, because the conditions will not be stipulated for us to meet our goal of being zero long-term emissions,” he added.

Garza indicated that in the firm he presides, they will continue with their objective of caring for the environment, since the investments they make are designed in the medium term, and like them, many companies base their bets thinking about the future.

“I believe that it is not only the decision of General Motors, but of many companies, it is that we have a long-term vision of seeing a world with zero emissions, zero collisions and congestion,” he explained.


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