Witness: the apartment in Bohumín was set on fire by the father of one of the victims, his grandson also died along with his son

According to information from Práva, the fire was started by a man in the apartment where his son lived with his girlfriend. At the time of the incident, a celebration was taking place in the apartment, at which his mother, the man’s ex-wife, was also present.

According to a neighbor’s testimony, the man came to the apartment with flammability. After the conflict, he poured it into the apartment, set it on fire and ran away.

The ex-wife’s ex-wife, his son and girlfriend, and his grandson died in the apartment. Among the seven other victims who died were, according to a witness, neighbors from the sixth floor of the same house.

Incident by the pond

People say the suspect was weird. “I don’t know why, but from the point of view it was so weird, I know him from the pub he went to,” said the man, who lives in a panel house where it was on fire.

Another resident told the Rights reporter that the suspect should have had an incident at a pond a few weeks ago, where he allegedly pulled a gun on someone. pull the gun. However, the witness did not know the reason, or whether it was a gas pistol. Other people spoke similarly.

Firefighters arrived within five minutes

All components of the integrated rescue system went to the fire on Saturday before six o’clock in the evening. Firefighters were on the scene five minutes after the report. Six people died in the apartment fire, including three children. Five other people in the burning apartment jumped out of the eleventh-floor window and saved themselves in an attempt to save them.

Ten people were also injured in the fire, and two firefighters and one police officer were also injured. Police detained a man after the fire, whom they suspected of starting a fire. However, he ended up in the hospital and the police have not yet questioned him. On Sunday morning, the police confirmed that burning accelerators had been found, so the development of the fire was very rapid.

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