Witnessed by Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, UB Announces Prof. Widodo Becomes New Chancellor All

KOMPAS.com – One of College The biggest state (PTN), Universitas Brawijaya (UB) finally has a new chancellor.

Prof. Widodo, appointed as the rector of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) for the period 2022-2027 through the Plenary Session of the Board of Trustees (MWA) which took place at the UB Rectorate Building, 6th floor, Saturday (21/5/2022).

The trial process was carried out by deliberation and consensus which was attended by 17 members of the MWA, chaired by Prof.Dr. Muhadjir Effendyas well as the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture of Indonesia (Coordinating Minister for PMK).

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Muhadjir said the decision was taken by listening to the voices of all members, including from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology which mandated Plt. Secretary of the Directorate General of Higher Education Prof. Tjitjik Sri Tjahjandarie.

“Today the MWA has held a plenary meeting for elections rector of the UB. The election results have been carried out and agreed upon by deliberation and consensus attended by complete MWA members. The point is all unanimous and determined that Prof. Widodo as UB’s rector for the period 2022-2027,” said Prof. Muhadjir, quoted from a UB release.

After being determined, the elected Chancellor will be inaugurated by the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia Nadiem Makarim after the previous rector’s term of office ended, namely June 2022.

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Rector of the Security Office elected, Prof. Widodo said all the transparency and election processes were carried out very well.

He hopes that all his fellow academics will work together and continue the programs that were initiated and the strategic plan determined by the MWA.

“We hope that in the future academicians can cooperate with each other so that UB can be better. Continue the programs initiated by the rector and the MWA Strategic Plan,” he said.

Prof. Widodo thanked the entire Pilrek committee for a transparent process and the activities were carried out very well.

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Prof. Widodo, successfully advanced to Pilrek UB along with two other candidates, Prof. Imam Santoso and Prof. Unti Ludigdo.

Meanwhile, UB’s Chancellor, Prof. Nuhfil admitted that the Pilrek is an extraordinary process, and UB shows solidarity, so that there is a deliberation.

“Congratulations to Prof. Widodo, this is a mandate from the ministry, and an extraordinary thing. I will still hope that UB’s cohesiveness is maintained,” said Prof. Noahfil.

Meanwhile, Prof. Widodo is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA).

He has also served as Head of the Biology Department, KKJF Research LPPM UB, Head of LSIH UB, Member of the PPKID Team.

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