Sport Woj's suspension time revealed

Woj’s suspension time revealed

Suspended by ESPN, Adrian Wojnarowski will not drop a few “bombs” on his Twitter soon. For how long ? We know a little more.

Even in a period without games, the NBA always manages to surprise us. When it is not the players who are talking about them, it is the insiders who are wreaking havoc. In this case, it was Adrian Wojnarowski who got the wrath of his employer.

In insulting a senator in the context of a private mail, Woj has been suspended by ESPN. A surprise for many fans and players, who were quick to defend it.

The question now is how long the famous journalist will be sidelined. Is a dismissal on the agenda? We know a little more thanks to information from the Washington Post. Woj fans will be delighted to learn that he should stay with ESPN, although it will take a while to find him.

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Woj’s suspension is expected to last one to two weeks.

Good news for fans of “Woj Bomb”. In the meantime, many are expected to monitor Shams Charania’s account for further big news until the resumption.

Rest assured, Adrian Wojnarowski will be back soon. We suspected that ESPN was not going to do without its services for a long time.


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