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There is actually a wolf in the Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis. This was confirmed on Monday by the Ministry of Environment of Baden-Württemberg. Previously, several eyewitnesses had sighted the animal at Neckargerach and Mosbach.

Eyewitnesses had observed the animal there on Sunday night and considered it a wolf. This was reported Monday by police and responsible wildlife manager. A driver also made a video of the animal, which is the SWR.

On Monday afternoon, the Ministry of Environment announced that the Friborg Forest Research and Research Institute (FVA) received several reports of wolves and wolf sightings at weekends. Reports came from the vicinity of Schwarzach, Binau, Neckargerach and Mosbach (all in the Neckar-Odenwald district). In addition to an eyewitness video, the FVA would also have "some hairs" that could come from a wolf, according to the ministry.

The video review showed that it is actually a wolf and that the kidnapped hair will be sent to the Senckenberg Institute (Frankfurt am Main) for genetic analysis, but to determine the result may be necessary from the three to four weeks. Where the wolf currently resides, or if it has already passed, we can not say ".

Ministry of Environment Baden-Württemberg

In this context, the ministry asks to report (further) the observations of the wolf at the Experimental and Research Institute of Friborg (FVA) (Tel 0761 – 4018-274). Furthermore, the Ministry announces further information:

– During sightings of wolves along with their dogs should be put on a leash.

– Wolves should definitely not be fed or fed.

Further information can be found on the homepage of the Ministry of the Environment.

After the appearance of a wolf in rams. The keepers of the sheep are still worried about their animals (icon) (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, Julian Stratenschulte)

A Howling Wolf (Stock Image)

Julian Stratenschulte

Wolf under species protection

Since 1990, the wolf in Germany is under species protection. A single wolf male is according to the authorities of the resident of the Northern Black Forest. It is said that the animal has snatched 40 sheep in Bad Wildbad (Calw County) overnight.

Sheep farmers must protect their herds from wolves

According to the Ministry of Environment of Baden-Württemberg, all the shepherds in the country are obliged to protect their herds from wolves by the end of May. Come to death goats or sheep, otherwise do not give any compensation, they say. The cost of the fences, but soon will be subsidized one hundred percent. Thus, if the agreements with the EU are legally binding, the Ministry of the Environment.



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