Wolszczak on vacation with his son. They took him for her husband

The island, which belongs to Tanzania, won the heart of the actress. And not only with what it has to offer. As it turns out, the locals took Grażyna Wolszczak years away. “Farewell to Africa! Actually, I miss it already … PS The Maasai are not only beautiful, but also asked Philip if I am his wife – how not to love them?” – wrote the star of the series “Na Wspólnej” on Instagram.

Filip Sikora was born in 1989 and is the fruit of the actress’s relationship with her colleague, Marek Sikora. Unfortunately, Wolszczak suffered a stroke from her husband. The artist died suddenly at the age of just 37. Filip was to go to first grade soon. For him, Grażyna rose from this tragedy, which she spoke about many times.

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The son is the apple of his mother’s eye, who has been worried for a long time that there is no girlfriend. – Mother is mother. You talk differently with her, differently with a friend, differently with friends over a beer. It’s healthy! Indeed, I was a bit worried when he wasn’t seeing anyone for a long time. I even wondered if he was gay. Don’t be surprised – Paulina, my son’s first partner, appeared on the horizon when he was 20! – she told “Gali” some time ago.

– Because every mother would like her child to be happy. Life for gay people is harder – they are not accepted, they are ridiculed, and they often hide their inclinations. They are more sensitive and therefore weaker. And they don’t have children … – added Wolszczak.

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She and Philip have a strong bond with each other. At one time they took part in the program “America Express”. Now they had fun together in Zanzibar, and the comment about the age – as you can see – made Grażyna happy. The star has been associated with Cezary Harasimowicz for years.

Filip Sikora did not follow in the footsteps of his parents-actors, despite the fact that his grandparents wanted him very much. The 32-year-old chose a different career path, going to study psychology.

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