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Woman (81) in morgue appears to be still alive | Abroad

81-year-old Zinaida Kononova had been pronounced dead after surgery to remove an intestinal obstruction. At 1.10 am she was taken to the morgue, but seven hours later the employee found her on the floor. The woman had tried to climb from the table she was lying on but had fallen.

An ambulance driver saw that there was a commotion and heard the employee say: “Grandma, lie down, Grandma, be quiet.” For a moment he thought that the woman had gone mad, but then he saw how the ‘deceased’ took the hand of the employee.

Kononova was rushed to intensive care. A family member was called with the remarkable message that the woman was still alive.

It turned out that a doctor and an anesthetist had sent the woman to the morgue an hour and twenty minutes after she was pronounced dead instead of the two hours prescribed by the rules. An employee has been suspended as a result of the incident. The family is going to sue the hospital in the Gorshechensky District.

“At first she didn’t recognize me at all. She also did not know that she had had an operation ”, a cousin tells the Daily Mail. “She brought up an old problem with her knee instead.” Kononova has been transferred to another hospital for further recovery.


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