Woman attacked with an ax by her husband in El Redil Usaquen fights for her life – Bogotá

On the night of October 16, Ángela del Pilar Ferro Gaitán, 30, was the victim of a massive attack on the part of his sentimental partner, Miguel Camilo Parra, in his own home, an apartment located in the El Redil neighborhood of the town of Usaquén, in Bogotá.

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In a fit of jealousy, according to family and friends, Parra, who has a collection of axes, allegedly located one of them and relentlessly attacked his partner in the body, face and head. “It was her son, 12, who called us for help and was completely horrified,” said Jonathan Tuta, a friend of the attacked woman.

After he nearly murdered her, authorities confirmed that the man fled while Angela was dying. Now, she is hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Cardio Infantil clinic fighting for her life. He also has a bruise on his left shoulder and multiple blows.

The victim’s sister said that she had already told him about their relationship problems and that she was complaining about how jealous and possessive Parra was in the relationship.

“In addition, he has six axes in the house and he took one of them, the smallest, to give my sister seven blows,” said Jeisson Estiven Díaz, another member of the young woman’s family.

Residents of the group where the couple lived also alerted the authorities as they say that the aggressor fled the scene before the arrival of the policeto. “The worst of all is that before escaping he also threatened the boy with the ax and told him that if he told someone that was what awaited him as well,” said Jonathan Tuta.

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The young woman’s family asks the authorities to find the author of what they consider as soon as possible a clear attempt at femicide.

The Bogotá Women’s Secretariat immediately assigned a psychosocial care team to accompany the victim psychologically and offer her legal representation.

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The complaint has already been filed with the Attorney General’s Office by Angela’s family and the entity is already in contact with them and at their complete disposal.

“From the District Secretariat for Women we call on society to denature violence against women and seek our guidance and free support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the Purple Line 018000 112 137” said the woman’s secretary, Diana Rodríguez Franco.

This is how the couple’s house was left after the attack.

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