Woman exposed to inappropriate touching of Disney employee disguised as Gaston

A TikTok user has urged fans not to harass Disney employees after sharing a video where Gaston’s character steps out of his role after being groped on the chest by a woman.

This week, Evan Snead, who uses the username @evansnead on TikTok, where he frequently shares behind-the-scenes facts and videos about Disney theme parks, uploaded the TikTok as a reminder to guests of the importance of treating children. Disney cast members with respect.

In the clip, which is titled: “Girl harasses Gaston and he (rightly) forces her to LEAVE”, a woman can be seen standing next to the Disney employee dressed as the character from Beauty and the Beast, presumably for a photo, before placing both hands on his chest.

The encounter elicited an instant response from the Disney cast member, who pulled away before signaling the woman to leave, telling her, “You’re out. NOW”.

At first, the woman did not seem to understand the character’s reaction, as she continued to stand next to the employee and laugh. However, he could be heard raising his voice and saying, “Go away.”

On TikTok, the woman could be seen trying to get her hands back on the Disney employee, at which point he again motioned for her to leave.

“Stop. Stop. It’s over,” the guest was heard saying as he guided her away. “There are kids!”.

After playing the clip on TikTok, Snead appeared on screen to urge viewers not to harass Disney employees.

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“Please don’t be that person,” said Snead who later acknowledged that the video in question, which is from 2015, is not new as Gaston is not meeting guests at this time, before continuing: “But also, he had every right to do so.

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“And just so you know, if you harass the characters like that, most of the time, they won’t participate. They won’t think it’s cute.”

Snead then explained why the setting is not appropriate, regardless of the setting, and continued: “If you don’t want a stranger to come up to you, in public, at your workplace and lay their hands on you, then don’t do it. Don’t do it to the characters.”

“The characters want you to have a great time and enjoy getting to know them, but it is their workplace. It is a family business place,” Snead said, before reminding viewers that the characters are “also people” and should not be subjected to “uncomfortable groping or language.”

The video, which has since been viewed more than 11.8 million times, has sparked hundreds of comments from viewers who agree with Snead.

“The fact that she didn’t seem to understand why he was forcing her to leave infuriates me! Why do you think it’s okay to touch someone you don’t know? ”Commented one person.

Another said: “No one should be touched without permission. That Gaston is an absolute king because of how he handled that situation. “

The video also prompted viewers who work as character interpreters to agree, with one viewer writing, “As a character interpreter, please don’t do things like this! And another great thing is that please don’t let your kids run to hit us and stuff! “

However, there were also those who tried to defend the woman, with someone else commenting, “He just spoiled her fun,” while another said, “He completely overreacted.”

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In statements to The Independent On the viralization of the video, Snead said he was “VERY surprised” by the reaction to TikTok, explaining: “A lot of people came to defend the [mujer], a lot of people can defend Gaston. “

He then said that he likes to take the opportunity to remind people to treat Disney cast members with respect. “I always like to send out little public service announcements to people so that they just treat Disney cast members with respect and treat them how they would like to be treated.”he continued.

And while he said it was “really amazing” that more than 10 million people saw the video, as he “thought the video would stay in my little bubble of Disney fans and friends,” he hopes it educates others.

“I hope it sheds some light on how to treat others with respect and reaches out to people who might not otherwise have known proper etiquette when it comes to meeting Disney characters,” he said.


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