Woman killed in "terrorist incident"


IIn the northern Irish town of Londonderry, violent riots and fatal shootings have occurred to a young woman. Her death in the Creggan Housing Estate will be treated as a "terrorist incident," local police told Twitter on Friday night. Murder investigations were initiated. The police had previously reported that incendiary devices had been fired in Creggan and several shots had been fired. The woman killed could be a journalist. This is reported by the British "Guardian". The police confirmed that 29-year-old journalist Lyra McKee had been shot by an armed man.

Pictures of the scene showed burning cars and charred vehicle wrecks. At first, the authorities did not reveal any details about the background.

Londonderry has about 85,000 inhabitants and is located in the extreme northwest of the Northern Irish province on the border with the Republic of Ireland. Catholics, who simply call their city Derry, live there.

In the British part of the country, paramilitary groups are up to mischief. Since the beginning of the year, explosive devices in Londonderry have repeatedly exploded without injuring them. One of them detonated in front of a court in the middle of the city in January after a recent warning to the authorities.

The violence took place before the Easter weekend, at a time when Irish Catholic nationalists recalled the uprising against the British in 1916.

Most recently, worries arose in the course of the Brexit negotiations that the impending introduction of border controls between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which would continue to belong to the EU, could re-launch the spiral of violence in the former civil war region.

In the decades-long conflict, Catholic nationalists seeking union with Ireland faced Protestant unionists who want to continue to belong to Britain.

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