Woman protested for too big chest, asked to sit alone on plane


A model named Leia Parker who is said to have the biggest breasts in the UK has shared her recent unpleasant experience. He admitted to being treated badly by an airline. The passengers protested because of his body shape, he admitted that he was asked to sit alone on the plane.

Leia Parker, also known as Jodie Juggs, recently flew from Las Vegas, USA to London, England. The woman chose economy class which she said was quite small for her 32T breasts. There, he admitted to having difficulty sitting.

“The seat is too small for my boobs, I’m having a hard time not getting in the way of passengers,” she said.



Choosing to sit in economy class was not the right decision for Leai. Not only did he feel uncomfortable, Leai was also the center of attention of other passengers.

“The passengers were very mean to me. One female passenger said to the flight attendant she wanted ‘this girl and her stupid t-shirt moved’. She said I kept pushing her boyfriend because there wasn’t enough space,” said Leai.

In addition, several other passengers also asked for a seat upgrade to stay away from Leai. Most of them feel the space becomes narrow because of their large breasts. Therefore, the woman from England was forced to move to the back area which was empty of passengers.

“They didn’t have any other seats so I ended up spending my plane ride in the jump seat near the kitchen. It was really painful,” she said.

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Leia is getting annoyed because she thinks the flight attendants didn’t treat her well except for one person who offered her an extra pillow for the 10 hour flight. He felt the experience was unfair but the airline has not yet issued an apology.


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