Woman remanded in custody for four weeks after neighbor quarrel escalated

The woman is in Sør-Rogaland District Court remanded in custody for four weeks due to the risk of recurrence, writes Stavanger Aftenblad.

The district court fears she will continue to harass neighbors. Several neighbors have moved in periods to avoid her, the newspaper writes.

The 48-year-old opposed imprisonment, and said in court that she has now had an outlet for her frustration. She partially pleads guilty. The woman has been banned from visiting the neighbors, which in reality means that she cannot live at home.

She has described herself as a pressure cooker.

– The neighbor conflict can not be assumed to be reduced by a possible release, and there is in any case good reason to believe that the “pressure” will easily be able to build up again, the district court writes in the prison sentence.

The woman’s defender, associate lawyer Vetle André Mitchell Jensen, tells the newspaper that the woman explains her actions by saying that she has been in a long-term neighbor conflict where she has experienced harassment.


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